The Police Reveals The Cause of Leeteuk’s Father and Grandparents Death


oppaa…stay strong.. 😥

When previously the media reported that the death of Leeteuk’s father and grandparents was because of a car accident. Meanwhile, after the police investigating, it revealed that the 3 bodies were found at their house around 9.20 AM. It’s been said that the grandparents were found strangled, laying side by side. Then the father was found hanged from wardrobe handle. He also left a suicide note, “I will take my parents and go to heaven together so live well. I am sorry to my children.

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Depressed Thought


Dunno.. I’m feeling soo sad, lonely, unconfident, very lowest self esteem, discourage… i’m fed of him, feeling lost TT____TT

I really miss my friends… thought that we will meet soon, in the end, they will leave me, and I reall really really HATE it…

I really miee my-EX… i’m feeling sorry for let him go. It was totally my mistake, my Ego. I push him to leave m just because he love someone else and I’VE ALREADY KNEW ABOUT IT but I didn’t care, and try hard to ignore it just because I Love him and affraid to loose him..

And all of my worries became true.. I’ve lost him.. and i don’t know that all of it had a lot more affected to me. My entire life changed, I’VE LOST MY TRUST OF EVERYONE. TT___TT

I couldn’t see a whole world just like yesterday.. That’s all his fault!! Why did he left meee?? TT________TT