Depressed Thought


Dunno.. I’m feeling soo sad, lonely, unconfident, very lowest self esteem, discourage… i’m fed of him, feeling lost TT____TT

I really miss my friends… thought that we will meet soon, in the end, they will leave me, and I reall really really HATE it…

I really miee my-EX… i’m feeling sorry for let him go. It was totally my mistake, my Ego. I push him to leave m just because he love someone else and I’VE ALREADY KNEW ABOUT IT but I didn’t care, and try hard to ignore it just because I Love him and affraid to loose him..

And all of my worries became true.. I’ve lost him.. and i don’t know that all of it had a lot more affected to me. My entire life changed, I’VE LOST MY TRUST OF EVERYONE. TT___TT

I couldn’t see a whole world just like yesterday.. That’s all his fault!! Why did he left meee?? TT________TT


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